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Our production plant is located in central-eastern Poland, and the entire production process takes place on site. We employ members of the local community and over 90% of our staff are women!

We create our footwear by hand in combination with modern shoe making machinery. We use the best materials and check their origin and workmanship ethics. We specialize in footwear for sensitive feet which do not accept compromises in terms of comfort and functionality.

Strobel production method

Strobel method, are you stepping in?
Most of our models, including all sneakers, are produced using the so-called Strobel method. Firstly, we sew the insole and the upper of the shoe together and then attach the resulting “sock” to the sole. Such footwear is much more flexible, durable and comfortable than the one that is traditionally studded. The Strobel method allows us to use all the materials in an optimal way (that is to decrease the amount of production waste) and, in addition, it requires approximately 70-80% less adhesives for shoes, which benefits both the user and the environment.

Shoes dedicated to sensitive feet

A step toward sensitivity
The vast majority of the different models of our shoes hold footwear certificates for sensitive feet.

According to research, 51% of women at the age of 24 suffer from foot deformities. At the age of 40, this ratio amounts to 63% and in women over 50 it can amount to as much as 80%! Footwear for sensitive feet can be an answer to this problem; it will help to relieve the pain and improve the comfort of daily walking.

What’s going on with such a shoe?
– appropriate dimensions, shape and design, ensuring optimal comfort for use by sensitive feet with various types of deformities;

– the use of hypoallergenic materials with high hygienic (water vapor permeability) and rheological properties (easy to adapt to the shape and dimensions of the feet);

– the use of light, flexible and springy soles, which helps to dampen the shocks and unevenness of the ground;

– the use of specialized elements to alleviate the feeling of pain and regulate the appropriate pressure distribution on the sole of the foot, relieving the places of the most significant overloads.

… because you deserve to walk smoothly and comfortably!
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