Wine sneakers BLANKA – black

Blanka is a classic model with a touch of madness! Stylish, shining like a star, nonchalantly attracting attention thanks to its silver accents made of apple leather. But what truly makes these shoes a star is their sole: made in 70-80% of resin sourced from sugar cane, a renewable resource that contributes to the reduction of CO2! It’s our small-big step towards sustainable, responsible fashion! (…)



The upper is made of materials of plant origin. Grey sneakers are made of apple leather, white-grey ones – of apple leather combined with corn, and black and white ones – of grape leather which is produced from industrial vegetable waste. Here’s to sustainable fashion!
There are no shortcuts in the Blanka model! The inside or our shoes is lined with soft and flexible bamboo fabric in a mouth-watering cocoa color which will wrap your feet perfectly in winter and keep them cool in summer. It also has its natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and thermoregulatory properties to ensure comfort of your feet and the longest life for your sneakers! For the sake of your health, we decided to use a natural cork insole – durable, antiseptic, absorbing moisture and preventing chafing.
Instead of classic shoelaces, we opted for the ones made of new generation fibers with unique properties, made of the Tencel fabric. 100% natural, made of wood cellulose, pleasant to the touch and 100% biodegradable!

Additional information
These shoes were made of:
These shoes were made in a factory located in East-Central Poland where more than 90% of employees are women.
We use solely certified and recycled fabrics and raw materials whose production has the lowest possible impact on the environment.
100% vegan and cruelty-free.


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36 23,88
37 24,54
38 25,20
39 25,86
40 26,52
41 27,18

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