Apple & corn sneakers JANE – caramel

Her Majesty Jane! Lightness which gives a boost on our way to responsible fashion – step by step! We would like to introduce the Jane model with its characteristic and minimalist design enriched with small check at the back of the upper. (…)



Their upper is entirely made of apple skin which is produced from fiber coming from industrial apple juice and snacks production. It is distinguished by its durability and ventilation, thanks to which it can be your faithful companion for years.
Additionally, the above-mentioned apple skin is fully waterproof and breathable, which allows you to put them on regardless of weather conditions: whether it’s humid or hot!
To the moon and back – always with class!

The inside of the sneakers, depending on the color option, is lined with soft and flexible bamboo material or breathable organic cotton. What’s more, for the sake of your health, we decided to use a natural cork insole – durable, antiseptic, absorbing moisture and preventing chafing.
The cherry on the top is an ultralight and comfortable sole which will allow you to wear your shoes all day long – with no consequences whatsoever!

In the case of the JANE model, we decided not to add any unnecessary details or decorations – apart from one! On the back of the upper, we used a small, checkered material, made of 100% recycled disposable bottles. Moreover, instead of classic shoelaces, we opted for 100% natural ones made of pure linen – having the possibility of easy recycling in the future in mind.

The model was made using the so-called Strobel construction – a special shoemaking technology which allows you to maximize the comfort of the shoe and reduce the amount of adhesives used in the production by 70-80% compared to the studded technology. It makes the footwear even more breathable and prevents it from emitting unpleasant odors which the adhesives are usually responsible for when they come into contact with human sweat.

Additional information
These shoes were made of:
These shoes were made in a factory located in East-Central Poland where more than 90% of employees are women.
We use solely certified and recycled fabrics and raw materials whose production has the lowest possible impact on the environment.
100% vegan and cruelty-free.


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